Saturday, July 9, 2011

Danger Report: Roundup

I just put together - duh - what roundup (the herbacide) does to your puppies.  Here's how it goes.  You spray the roundup on your weeds. Then your pups brush by them or under them or if there's any slight breeze, the roundup blows onto the ground where your pup walks.

Basically, the roundup gets on your pup's paws and fur through one way or another.  Then, being the clean pup s/he is, the tongue bath starts.  That's how the roundup gets ingested.  First, it gets into the skin through the bottoms of the paws.  Second, it gets licked off the paws and goes through the digestive system.

It took me my Molly's whole lifetime to put this together.  Serious duh on my part.  It wasn't until Ladybug started displaying some of the same symptoms Molly displayed that I finally put it all together.

The symptoms:
 Losing control of bladder function
 Sleepiness (it could be fatigue)
 Mood & depression
 Generalized anxiety

All these symptoms show themselves, but don't necessarily disappate a few days after exposure.  The symptoms seem to build, getting worse, each time there's exposure to the roundup.  They do not go away.  They do subside a little bit, but each time they come in contact with the
herbacide, all symptoms come back and stronger than the last time.Eventually, their bodies can't fight it and succumb to something else (like bronchial pneumonia, in Molly's case).

So, a warning for everyone out there who uses roundup or any other herbacide:  KEEP YOUR PUPS OUT OF IT!  DON'T USE IT!

What can you use instead to keep weeds down?  White Wine Vinegar!  Just pour it, straight, into a *CLEAN* weed sprayer container.  Spray it directly onto your weeds, once a month or so, on sunny bright mornings, just like you would spray roundup.  Start spraying it early in the spring, like on Tax Day, April 15.

I "rounded up" the MSDS sheet on Roundup.  It doesn't show the symptoms on it that my pups displayed.  However, there can be no coincidence of those symptoms showing up and getting worse each time we did spray with roundup.

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